PINK PORTAL is the new evening length performance by Cecilia Moisio
set to premiere at Julidans in Amsterdam on the 11th July.


11th July – 20:30 / 12th July – 13:00

Call me by my name. Why don’t you call me by my name? 
Lady flower
Cupcake power
Cute little thingy
Love button

PINK PORTAL is a tribute to where we all came from. An informative, funny but evenly emotional performance about the female body. From her first menstruation to her menopause. An all-female cast of women of different ages reflects on the control, criticism, worship and censorship that she has had to endure for centuries. 

PINK PORTAL is the next step in the line of activistic performances by choreographer and theatre maker Cecilia Moisio. The performance is designed to break taboos surrounding the female body and  sexuality and is a statement about where women find themselves in society anno 2022. 


Concept, direction and choreography: Cecilia Moisio
Performers: Katarzyna Sitarz, Yulia Kalinchenko, Gwen Langenberg, Kadri Tegelmann, Daria Titova, Bianca Casaburi and Renee Hijl
Text: Eva Maria de Wit
Decor: Marlies Schot
Light: Mark Thewessen
Music: Joni Vanhanen
Costumes: Dorine van IJsseldijk
Video content: Paul Sixta
PR and marketing: Marjo van Lijssel & Daria Titova
Management: Hedi Legerstee
Production manager: Lynn Meijer

Producer: Stichting Cecilia Moisio 
In collaboration with: Julidans, ccAmstel, ICK Amsterdam

Made possible by: The Performing Arts Fund NL, Amsterdam Fund fort he Arts, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, VriendenLoterij Fonds, Stichting Imperium, Fonds 21

Special thanks to: Arnica Elsendoorn