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A movement-monologue for a woman on the brink of a decision: the ending of a relationship and all the reasons for it. She explains herself, accuses, pulls back, lies and releases. A solo where text and movement come together to give a comment on our behaviour in love and how we can lie to ourselves just to find a way out. An ode to the confrontation of our fear of commitment.

Premiere 1.5.2013

Concept, choreography and performance: Cecilia Moisio

Sound and text: Cecilia Moisio

Costume: Samuji

Technique: Marcel Slagter

Photography: Jamain Brigitha – Associatives and Sigel Eschkol

Video: Beldan Sezen

Thanks to: Krisztina de Châtel, Jonne Kuusisto, Kiyan Khoshoie and Café Restaurant Stanislavski

This solo is produced by Stichting de Châtel sur Place- Krisztina de Châtel and funded by St. Imperium.