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Two women caught up in a loop of striving to be perfect verses being themselves. They are seductive, funny and provoking with a hint of sarcasm. As a team they confront the outside observer, wanting to connect and to be understood. But can they keep up with the image they have created for themselves? Juxtapose is a performance that combines text and movement to give a comment on our society, where the woman has to manoeuvre between being intensely feminine but also assertive and masculine at the same time. Balancing the duality of our inner emotions and how we portray ourselves according to outside expectations. Juxtapose is a comment on our need to mirror ourselves to others and to be understood and accepted, just the way we are.

“As a choreographer Cecilia Moisio is inimitable and in her own class… Juxtapose is simply a high quality performance and it’s performers strikingly talented.”

 Keskisuomalainen (FI)**** – Maija-Liisa Westman

“The duo makes sharp switches from sugary performance to harsh falling.”

“… Moisio is surely someone to keep an eye on: she mixes hard performance with physical feat and sarcastic self-deprecation.”

 De Volkskrant (NL)**** – Annette Embrechts

Cecilia Moisio and Erin Harty give new life to girl-power. The two performers are perfect for each other qua presence, physicality, personality and expressiveness.”

 8Weekly (NL)**** – André Arends

“The sarcasm that Moisio approaches her themes with is strongly felt in the performance. The irony of the situations, temptation against the abomination and the dynamics that the performers switch from one extreme to another transmit this intense and strong message.”

Cultuurbewust (NL)**** – Claire Philips



13.02.2013 première Melkweg Theater,Amsterdam

Direction, choreography and text: Cecilia Moisio
Performers: Erin Harty/Katarzyna Sitarz, Cecilia Moisio
Music: Joni Vanhanen
Acting advice: Vincent Wijlhuizen
Artistic advice: Suzy Blok
Repetitors: Reut Gez and Marina Peuranen
Costumes: Ilse Evers
Light design: Roland van Ulden
Technique: Marcel Slagter
Production: Hit Me Productions
Photos: Jamain Brigitha – Associatives and Sigel Eschkol
Registration: Beldan Sezen
Produced by: Dansmakers Amsterdam
Funded by Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Dansmakers Amsterdam
Thanks to Ahrend

Tour list 


12.2.2013 Try-Out, Melkweg Theater, Amsterdam, Netherlands

13.2.2013 Premiere, Melkweg Theater, Amsterdam, Netherlands

14.2.2013 Melkweg Theater, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2.3.2013 Grand Theater, Groningen, Netherlands

28.7.2013 De Parade, Utrecht (x2), Netherlands

29.7.2013 De Parade, Utrecht (x2), Netherlands

30.7.2013 De Parade, Utrecht (x2), Netherlands

2.8.2013 Vondelpark, Amsterdam, Netherlands

13.8.2013 De Parade, Amsterdam (x2), Netherlands

14.8.2013 De Parade, Amsterdam (x2), Netherlands

15.8.2013 De Parade, Amsterdam (x2), Netherlands

16.8.2013 De Parade, Amsterdam (x2), Netherlands

17.8.2013 De Parade, Amsterdam (x2), Netherlands

28.9.2013 Tanssin Aika- festival, City Theatre of Jyväskylä, Finland

4.10.2013 Moving Meetings, Maastricht, Netherlands

10.10.2013 PUNCH! Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands

12.10.2013 Diskurs Festival, Giessen, Germany

18.10.2013 Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Netherlands

3.11.2013 BAD Festival, Bilbao, Spain



5.3.2014 De Lawei, Drachten, Netherlands

13.3.2014 Corrosia!, Almere, Netherlands

2.4.2014 De Kikker, Utrecht, Netherlands

4.4.2014 Schouwburg Arnhem, Netherlands

12.4.2014 Les Reparages, Lille, France

27.8.2014 Tanzmesse, Düsseldorf, Germany


15-17.1.2015 JoJo, Oulu, Finland

10.10.2015 Aura 25 Festival, Kaunas, Lithuania

13.11.2015 Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam, Netherlands

25.11.2015 NWE Vorst, Tilburg, Netherlands


14-17.1.2016 Live Art Dance, Halifax, Canada

21-24.1.2016 Tangente, Montreal, Canada

8.3.2016 Neimester, Luxembourg

15.3.2016 Theater Veste, Delft, Netherlands