Cecilia created the five hour durational piece Facets for the MSU Zagreb, Croatia in June 2014 as a part of Performing Gender and in collaboration with Domino/Queer Zagreb.

“A woman delves into different characters of her persona in one contained space. She shows us images of who she would like to be and the sides she keeps hidden. A magnified look into the associative thought process of a woman and the stereotypes she lives by.” 

Photo’s: Darko Vaupotic

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Performing Gender is a European dance project making use of artistic and cultural tools to open up a civil reflection on gender and sexual orientation differences, seen as sources of values and richness for the whole European society.

Performing Gender wants to build a European laboratory in which dominant codes and mainstream images in relation to gender and sexual preferences are questioned and reflected upon, bringing this into the wider community through the universal language of the arts, to develop new images and to collect new insights together. The starting point of this journey is the body of the artist, seen as the ideal cultural medium to research and to portray new identities.

Performing Gender invites an international group of choreographers, dancers and visual artists to share a two year voyage of research and training based in different European cities: workshops, residencies and performances will investigate the representations of sexuality and gender, challenging the artists’ identities and calling into question stereotypes and bias.

At the end of this journey, the artists will be asked to produce works to be staged in established and renowned European museums. These museums will open their institutions and integrate these new works of art and identities as part of their collections.

This research process will be as open as possible: the artists will attend public exchanges with the local communities in the partner cities and the audience of the performances will be asked to react, to give feedback and to challenge the dominant views related to sexual roles and gender identities. Audiovisual outputs from all the workshops will tour among the partner cities to disseminate the European dimension of the project, and a final international symposium will evaluate its outcomes.


Domino / Queer Zagreb (Zagreb, Croatia)

Paso a 2 (Madrid, Spain)

Dutch Dance Festival (Maastricht, The Netherlands)

Cassero / Gender Bender Festival (Bologna, Italy)

Other artists in Zagreb:

Poliana Lima (Spain/Brazil)

Jan Martens (NL/Belgium)

Sinisa Labrovic (Croatia)