Y.E.S. is a movement and voice performance that dives into one of our most basic psychological needs: to feel happiness. An emotional rollercoaster through boundless euphoria and our quest to make the positive feelings in our lives last. What do we find when these emotions are magnified and held on to for too long? Does real joy exist without its counterpart, sadness? Y.E.S. is based on a part of Cecilia’s latest evening length piece L.O.V.E. and adapted to the 2nd year students of Modern Theatre Dance of the Theater school of Amsterdam.

Premiere: 10 June 2015

Choreography and Direction: Cecilia Moisio

Music: Joni Vanhanen & Geert Oddens

Assistants: Karin Frankel & Erin Harty

Rehearsal director: John Taylor

Photo’s: Nellie de Boer



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