I Can See Myself Through Your Eyes

Director/performer Cecilia Moisio and singer/songwriter Ineke Vandoorn are confined in a circular space. This round space is place for play, innocence and research, but by its confined structure also leads to vulnerability.  They are caught in between the spectators and their own thoughts. How do we deal with criticism? Are we autonomous people or just a mirrored image of the opinions that others have of us? The audience gets to experience the performers and their doubts from a close distance. They are pulled into the search of being seen versus looking at another. I Can See Myself Through Your Eyes combines theatre, movement and singing into a comment on being an artist in these contemporary times. It reflects on how we build your self-image and identity through the eyes of others. 


Movement, voice and performance: Cecilia Moisio and Ineke Vandoorn
Dramaturgy and coaching: Vincent Wijlhuizen
Photography: Alex de Groot, Jochem Jurgens, Sofie Knijff, Graphic design: Esther Noyons, Video: Mark Thewessen, Head production/acquisition: Hedi Legerstee, Financial Management: Diana Roos, Co-production: Hit Me Productions and Dansmakers Amsterdam

I Can See Myself Through Your Eyes is a production by Stichting Cecilia Moisio.

Premiere: 12 January 2018, Korzo Theater, den Haag, The Netherlands. 



“Strength and courage was emanating from dancer and choreographer Cecilia Moisio and jazz-singer Ineke Vandoorn. In the round tower of the Bonnefantenmuseum, …, they commence a dialogue in movement and song, that becomes increasingly more physical and cynical on artistry and its ups and downs. Through the echoing acoustics of the space,  their words (that sometimes seem to be our secret thoughts) start to resemble a prayer. ‘I love your show! Boring… Is this even dance?” 

Volkskrant, after the Open Studio during the Dutch Dance Days Maastricht 2016. This work-in-progress version called Circles was performed during the Moving Futures festival in Dutch theaters.