Why talk when you can dance to the lingering sound of a Finnish accordion? Let your feet do the talking – words are often misunderstood anyway. Choreographer Cecilia Moisio presents a Finnish Tango-Dancing workshop as part of EYE’s programme on the Finnish filmmaker Aki Kaurismäki. Everybody is welcome to join in and admission is free!

Who plans to see The Match Factory Girl or The Other Side of Hope, will meet the melancholic, but still firm, sound of the accordion. A sound that fits Aki Kaurismäki, chronicler of absurdist Finnish Weltschmerz. Most of his films center around the anti-heroes, that silently suffer from life itself. A life that despite the hurt is still worth living, a feeling that tango music captures so well.

Hyped in the twenties

In the workshop Finish Tango, lasting 75 minutes long, Moisio (Dansmakers/ Krisztina de Châtel) teaches you the basic steps of the traditional Finish Tango. Finish Tango? Yes! This spin-off of the Argentinian original first appeared on the 1914 score of the silent Finnish film The Secret Testament. It turned into a hype amongst Finnish bohemians in the twenties and it became wildly popular in the fifties and sixties, times in which Kaurismäki grew up.

Everyone is welcome

The workshop takes place on Saturday the 23rd of December at 15:00 in the EYE Room at the Top. Everyone is welcome, admission is free, and the workshop lasts 75 minutes. Who you dance with doesn’t matter, all combinations are possible: female-female, male-male, male-female, and of course all other LHBTQI combinations.

Tickets for the workshop can be picked up at the box office of EYE.