by Cecilia Moisio

Produced by Maas theater en dans i.c.w. Hit Me Productions

An ode to failure. 

You miss a deadline. You’re abandoned. You forget something important. Your life is full of small and bigger defeats. The world around us praises winners and doesn’t look lightly upon losers. We learn to shine and score, yet it’s utterly hard for us to fail. We lie about it, we try to hide it in our shame. When things go wrong our perfect exterior crumbles, we can not share it with others, Facebook or the world. 

Victory is a physical theatre performance on failure and our fear of it. Can we be honest about what we feel? Can something seemingly negative be turned into something which promotes change and growth within us? We love to laugh at other peoples failures, but can we also laugh at ourselves? 

With a mix of dance, theatre and slapstick the four performers and one musician fall in high tempo from one failure to the next. Typical characteristics of failure are transformed into movement: comical or even desperately painful. Mistakes are celebrated as the failures become bigger, better or even virtuosic. 

2 Nov 2018 – 16 Feb 2019

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Concept, choreography, direction: Cecilia Moisio

With: Yulia Kalinchenko, Kiyan Khoshoie, Serano Pinas, Katarzyna Sitarz & Marlon Penn (live music) 
Understudies: Catarina Ribeiro, Tijmen Teunissen, Shannon Andrea Belotti

Compositions: Marlon Penn

Video, light design: Mark Thewessen

Soundscapes: Joni Vanhanen

Scenography: Cecilia Moisio

Execution scenography: Diana Roos, Dorine van IJsseldijk

Production: Hedi Legerstee

Artistic assistant / rehearsal director: Erin Harty

Photography: Phile Deprez

Teaser: Thomas Bos

Registration & trailer: Paul Sixta

Victory is made possible by Fonds 21, Gemeente Rotterdam, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds / Aurora Fonds, Janivo Stichting,  Stichting Elise Mathilde.