REVOLT – The Manifest is an ongoing research that will result in the theatre performance REVOLT (14+) in 2021. Through workshops with young people, Cecilia will research activism, collective lies, social conformity and the psychological repercussions of these themes. How can they make they voice heard? What are the topics close to these young people’s hearts? How to stay critical in times of ongoing insecurity and political distress? The research takes place in different cities in the Netherlands: Maastricht, Groningen, Rotterdam, Tilburg and Amsterdam.

REVOLT – The Manifest is a coproduction between Stichting Cecilia Moisio, Maas theater en dans and the Dutch Dance Days.
Made possible by BankGiro Loterij Fonds, Fonds 21, Cultuurmakersfonds

Concept, direction, choreography: Cecilia Moisio

Texts: Elfie Tromp

Music: Marlon PennD.O.P.: Paul Sixta

Producer:  Hedi Legerstee

The first edition in Maastricht was made in lockdown style and resulted in a manifest-dance-movie that premiered on 5th of October 2020 at the Dutch Dance Festival Digital. In 2019 Cecilia won the Dutch Dance Days Young Audience Award for her concept of REVOLT.

Performers movie: Katarzyna Sitarz, Kiyan Khoshoie, Yulia Kalinchenko, Serano Pinas, Marlon Penn, Irene de Kok, Rowan Kievits, Yun-Yu Chang, Zora Westbroek, Malinda Wolfs, Daria Titova
Editor: Joey van Noortwijk
Audio post production: Nezar Tarik

The second edition in Groningen consisted of workshops and interviews with local young people. In collaboration with Jonge Harten Festival and VRIJDAG.

Participants Groningen: Carmen Mireille Tonkens, Chanel Jugwels, Evy Kleen, Isa Janse, Lis Wolfkamp, Niels van Rijswijk, Noor van Tuijl, Ronja Krüger, Silke Stelwagen

Assistants Cecilia: Katarzyna Sitarz, Yulia Kalinchenko

Teaser & mini-docu: Paul Sixta