By Cecilia Moisio

Produced by Maas theater en dans

Dance theater performance REVOLT speaks about peer pressure, protesting and questioning the status quo. About thinking critically versus hiding yourself behind the group and the collective denial of the truth. Do you want to have an impact on the world and influence on your own future? Do you dare to say what others do not dare? REVOLT is a wake-up call, an invitation for people to make their voices heard, to stay authentic and to make a difference in society.

REVOLT is made in the characteristic multidisciplinary style of choreographer and theater maker Cecilia Moisio, mixing personal stories with real-time social experiments, performance, theater, video and dance. A politically and socially engaged performance for ages 13 to 113 that rattles you. REVOLT reflects on our society with a critical eye, vulnerability, humor and sincerity. Cecilia did extensive research with young people between the ages of 12 and 25 and processed their personal as well as socio-political issues in REVOLT.

With the concept for REVOLT, Moisio won the Prize of the Dutch Dance Days Young Audience 2019.

Choreography, direction & idea: Cecilia Moisio 

Performance: Serano Pinas, Yulia Kalinchenko, Frankly Joe Maulany, Katarzyna Sitarz, Bianca Casaburi, Daria Titova 

Interns: Roy Sijkens, Anne Mirthe Hofstede

Texts: Eva Maria de Wit

Music: Joni Vanhanen, Marlon Penn

Stage design: Marlies Schot

Video: Paul Sixta 

Light and video design: Mark Thewessen

Costumes: Dorine van Ijsseldijk

Rehearsal director: Erin Harty

Advice: Moniek Merkx

Vocal coaching: Helene Jank

Photo’s: Phile Deprez, Jaap Scheren

Production manager: Djoeke Westdijk 

Technique: Jeroen Melsen, Dennis Stoltzenberg

Producer: Maas theater en dans

Research REVOLT Labs: Stichting Cecilia Moisio

Premiere: 17 September 2021