Choreographer and theatre maker Cecilia Moisio (42) wants to get in touch with women who want to share their stories on the female body. These stories are interwoven anonymously into her new theatre performance PINK PORTAL.

PINK PORTAL is an informative, funny but also emotional performance about the female body. Its aim is to break taboos and empower women so that they can better hold their own in our society. In April Cecilia organizes women’s weekends in theatre ccAmstel and ICK in Amsterdam with physical workshops, interviews, discussions and lectures about the female body.


The female body deserves more attention. There are still too many taboos about sexuality, childbirth, trans women, infertility, vulva disorders, menstrual blood, unwanted childlessness, silent loss of your child after a miscarriage and the menopause. When women miscarry, society expects them to return to ‘business as usual’ as soon as possible. The same goes for women who have just given birth. Hardly any real attention is paid to these intensely emotional events that have such an impact on women’s lives.

Small Sized Men

In the medical world, everything is geared to the male body. Gender-specific care is still hard to find in the Netherlands. More than 80% of patients with unexplained complaints are women. Women often walk around for decades with health issues for which they do not receive a correct diagnosis. Women in the Netherlands are still treated as ‘small sized men’, while it is known that the female hormonal system has a lot of influence on all organs of the female body.


In Western society, women fade into the background as they get older. As if they don’t matter anymore after they no longer can bear children. How is this different in other cultures, where women are praised for their wisdom gained through life experience?


Would you like to share your experiences with Cecilia? Together with a small group of other women during two weekends in April? Do you want to share your story but also learn and feel supported by a community of women? In a safe environment where respect and integrity are key components? Mail for more information to:

About Cecilia Moisio

Cecilia was born in Finland and has lived in the Netherlands for many years. She is a choreographer, dancer and theatre maker. In addition, Cecilia is the mother of 2 children. In the national and international world of the performing arts, she is seen as a versatile and innovative maker who makes activist and stimulating theatre productions about social themes. For all her performances, she conducts extensive research with her target group – for PINK PORTAL these are women of different ages. Her 28 performances have been shown in 16 countries worldwide.


A documentary of these weekends will be made which then later will be shown alongside PINK PORTAL. The documentary will premiere together with the performance on July 11, 2022 at Julidans festival in Amsterdam. Women who prefer not to be filmed can opt for this. We will take this into account during filming.

Images from previous female themed work by Cecilia: V (2022), OMGYES (2016), Facets (2016), Juxtapose (2013), SHE/HER (2015) and top of page Mum’s The Word (2015).