A piece Cecilia made especially for Poetic Disasters Club at Club Guy and Roni/NNT. 

V is a mood, an energy. A trip to the inside feminine world, to where we all came from. 

V = red 

V = fabulous

V = divine 

V = agressive

V = ambiguous

V = feminine

V = in all of us

Idea, choreography & direction: Cecilia Moisio | Performance: Wilchaan Cantu, Julie Boellaard, Tessa Spagnioli, Gina van Os, Adrian Thömmes, Tatiana Spiewak, Aaron Faneyte, Yun Ting Tsai | Composition: Joni Vanhanen | Styling costumes & decor: Cecilia Moisio | Texts: Eva Maria de Witt & Julie Boellaard | Photo’s: Nienke Maat | Light design: Wil Frikken | Production: Niran Staub | Produced by Club Guy and Roni/NNT

Premiere 25 March 2022