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Hi! My Name Is… is a performance about lies, group behaviour and social norms. The inspiration for this piece was the need for us as human beings to belong to a group where we can be ‘ourselves’ and be accepted. How far can you go to find love and to dull your solitude? Society and new technologies put pressure on your private life to make it public. You are forced to search for social contact in the most peculiar ways. In Hi! My Name Is… two dancers and three musicians of the Finnish group Urbaanilegenda confront their desire to connect and expose themselves via text, spoken word, rap and movement.

‘Moisio’s performance is electrifying…’

Jussi Tossavainen, Helsingin Sanomat 28.9.2010 

‘I have never experienced such chaos where every single detail is thought out so carefully…. The performance totally blew me away.’  

Maija-Liisa Westman, Liikekieli.com 5.10.2010

‘Moisio transmitted her typical, vibrant energy to the other performers.’

Francine van der Wiel, NRC Handelsblad 16.11.2010

‘A big part of the performance is about lying, about pretending you are something that you are not.’

Bregtje Schudel, Parool 11.11.2010




Premiere 25 September 2010

Concept and Choreography: Cecilia Moisio

Performers: Erin Harty, Cecilia Moisio and Urbaanilegenda: Jonne Kuusisto, Ossi Valpio and Joni Vanhanen

Texts: Cecilia Moisio, Allan & Barbara Pease and Urbaanilegenda: Jonne Kuusisto, Ossi Valpio and Joni Vanhanen

Music: Joni Vanhanen

Advisor Acting: Vincent Wijlhuizen

Artistic Advice: Suzy Blok

Production: Maaike Res

Light design and technique: Wijnand Moeken

Video: performers and Roland van Ulden

Photography: Matti Häyrynen and Jamain Brigitha

Registration: Beldan Sezen

Duration: 50 minutes


Hi! My Name Is… is chosen as one of the Aerowaves priority companies in 2011. 

Hi! My Name Is… is also chosen for the Blinddate tour in the Netherlands in April 2011.

This performance is made possible by Amsterdam Fund for the Art, Dansmakers Amsterdam, Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux, Imperium Foundation, SNS Reaal Fund, VSB Fund and WArd/waRD NL/BE.

Tout List


25.09.2010 Finnish Premiere at Tanssin Aika- festival: City Theatre of Jyväskylä

12.11.2010 Dutch Premiere: Melkweg Theater, Amsterdam

13.11.2010 Melkweg Theater, Amsterdam


25.03.2011 Ljublijana, Slovenia, Spring Forward festival

06.04.2011 Arnhem, The Netherlands

08.04.2011 Roosendaal, The Netherlands

11.04.2011 Utrecht, The Netherlands

13.04.2011 Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

14.04.2011 Amersfoort, The Netherlands

15.04.2011 Dordrecht, The Netherlands

18.04.2011 den Haag, The Netherlands

19.04.2011 Groningen, The Netherlands

20.04.2011 Sittard, The Netherlands

21.04.2011 Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

25.04.2011 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

26.04.2011 Alkmaar, The Netherlands

27.04.2011 Leiden, The Netherlands

28.04.2011 Almere, The Netherlands

01.07.2011 Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Julidans- festival

04.08.2011 Helsinki, Finland, URB-festival

05.08.2011 Helsinki, Finland, URB-festival

27.08.2011 Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Uit Markt


 19.04.2012 WArd/waRD evening, Antwerp, Belgium

20.04.2012 Podium Mozaique, Rotterdam, The Netherlands