Sleazy, hard and dirty. This summer Marcus Azzini and Toneelgroep Oostpool will make a big performance for the Parade festival and it’s 25th jubilee. Partymonster combines theatre, dance, music and performance to give an ode to the night and the perfect high. The piece is based on the infamous Club Kid, Michael Alig who was a provocative figure in the New York party scene of the 90’s. He crated extravagant parties with endless freedom for self-expression that broke all the rules. In the night nothing is impossible until he pushes himself to the limits and murders one of his co- Club Kids. Patymonster will tour four cities during the Parade festival: Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht and Amsterdam

Premiere: 18 June 2015 at Parade Rotterdam

Director: Marcus Azzini

Choreography: Cecilia Moisio

Music: Joost van Bellen

Text: Hannah van Wieringen

Actor: Nik van den Berg

Performance: Dennis Vanderbroeck/Bas Kosters Studio, Anton van der Sluis, Joep Hendrikx

Dance: Luca Cacitti, Johannes Lindh, Lorenzo Capiodeci and Pedro Alves

Photo’s: Sanne Peper



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