A dazzling performance for teenagers and anyone who has ever been one. Produced by NNT and Maas theater en dans.

You have a bad hair day, a pimple, or you feel invisible. Meanwhile, you see all your perfect friends with their more-than-perfect jaw lines living their extremely happy lives. You think: I’m out, I’m off to sit in the ugly corner. Zinderella is about feeling different, and about all the demands you and the rest of the world place upon you.

In this physical fairy-tale show, with fourteen young and not-so-young bodies, we free ourselves from our grey worlds. We kick off the ball with wild dancing and give you a glimpse backstage, where insecurity, acne, and fear of your naked body aren’t hidden under a gorgeous gown. But know this: happiness always comes, sometimes from unexpected places and not always in the form of a prince or princess.

Concept, direction: Moniek Merkx | choreography: Cecilia Moisio | performers: Ada Daniele, Arno Verbruggen, Art Srisayam, Bodine Sutorius, Olympia Kotopoulos, Sam Corver, Sara Giampaolo and a group of teenage co-players | composition: Joop van Brakel | scenography: Sanne Danz | costumes: MAISON the FAUX | light design: Ge Wegman | direction co-players: Dorien Folkers | dramaturgy: Robbert van Heuven | photo’s: Andreas Etter | trailer: Oostblokmedia

Premiere: 23 December 2021