In 2023 Cecilia will create her first big stage performance produced by Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and Maas Theater en Dans. 


When we lie, the tissue in our nose swells, causing it to itch. You can often catch people touching their nose after a lie.

A family performance for everyone between the ages of 10 to 110 full of humor and seriousness about something we all do: lie. Why do we actually lie, and about what? Most of the times these are white lies, but sometimes deceitful ones. And while some lie without reservation, others are left feeling guilty. Even online we often pretend to be different than we are. Where does this urge to lie come from anyway? With dance that cannot tell lies, theatre, live video and blunt performances, PINOCCHIO EFFECT is a performance that tackles serious subjects in a humorous way. The dancers all live together as one family in a house full of secret rooms. The family members try to manipulate each other or escape reality. Slowly their lies and truths come to light and reveal their true nature. Brace yourself for absolute worst show in the world!

“With Pinocchio Effect I want to show that we all think that we are not lying, but that this is actually human behavior that everyone exhibits. I want to discuss the effects of lying. How, for example, lies by parents can have a major impact on the social-emotional development of children. I also want to talk about the moral question: what is a good lie and what is a bad one? Why shouldn’t we lie? Can you lie too much, for example if your entire identity is made up? Social media influencers make money with the perfect image, everything looks nice and polished. But can a lie also be positive, something beautiful?”

– Cecilia Moisio


Concept + direction + choreography: Cecilia Moisio

Performance: Katarzyna Sitarz, Yulia Kalinchenko, Gwen Langenberg, Serano Pinas, Daphne van Dooren, Dalma Doman, Lennart Huysentruyt a.o. 

Text: Eva Maria de Wit

Decor: Marlies Schot

Light- and videodesign: Mark Thewessen

Music: Joni Vanhanen

Costume design: Petra Finke

Produced by Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and Maas Theater en Dans

In the spring of 2023 Cecilia will conduct research for PINOCCHIO EFFECT in the form of Laboratories: Interviews with families, parents and their children on trust, communication and how they tackle honesty within their family dynamic. These interviews will form the base for the scene’s and stories of the final theatre piece PINOCCHIO EFFECT.

Credits Labs

Video: Paul Sixta

Marketing + communication: Marjo van Lijssel, Daria Titova

Business management: Hedi Legerstee

Production management: Lynn Meijer

Producer Labs: Stichting Cecilia Moisio 

Made possible by: 

Amsterdam Fund for the Arts 

VriendenLoterij Fonds